Puzzle Adventure for Android and Apple Smartphones

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Unique Gameplay

Build a party of three characters that complements each other. Use your pattern recognition skills to activate abilities of your characters.

Unlimited Play

Unlike most online mobile games, Hiraethia will not include an energy system used to limit playtime. Players will be able to grind quests to their hearts' content.

Interactive Storyline

Visual novel elements keep quests in Hiraethia from being repetitive. Choose the outcome of your quest, and recieve different rewards based on your decisions. Random events in each quest help make each quest run unique, even if it is the same quest.

Story Art

A  Sinister Pandemic

When a fatal disaster strikes Hotaru Village, Aruki Yumi is thrown into a world of tumbling events. It seemed that his simple life had been completely flipped upside down. One disaster led to another, and soon Aruki found himself struggling to stay afloat in this oppressive environment. However, with the help of a lot of friends and companions, Aruki is able to journey on, continuing his quest to cure the mysterious disease and finding out the mastermind behind the hellish events that have befallen his world.

Hanae Chibi
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Hanae Chibi

Collect Character Cards

Each character in Hiraethia has their own backstory. The cards in Hiraethia depict the characters as they develop in the story. Collect over 100 cards among over 20 characters!