Digital Sapphire Tier


Note: This product is the DIGITAL version of the Sapphire Tier Slacker Backer package. To see the regular package, click here.

This package is for those who miss the Kickstarter but would still like to be a backer! Estimated Shipment in September 2019. Any item purchased with this item will be shipped in September 2019. For more information, check out our Kickstarter page.

This slacker backer package includes:

  • Guaranteed Closed Beta Access
  • Redemption Code for a Random Rank 4 or 5 Character
  • Redemption Code for Lily (Miracle Mage), a Kickstarter Exclusive
  • Founder’s Account Upgrade
  • A Voucher to redeem $50 worth of Soulstones (Premium Currency)

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